• SAP
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    SAP is at the centre of today’s technology revolution. The market leader in enterprise application software, SAP helps organisations fight the damaging effects of complexity, generate new opportunities for innovation and growth, and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Linfox
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    Linfox is Australia’s largest privately owned logistics company that is rapidly expanding throughout Asia and New Zealand.

    Today, we are more than 24,000 people in 12 countries working across five industry sectors: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Retail, Resources & Industrial, Intermodal and Government & Defence.

    Linfox is owned by an iconic Australian family however more than two-thirds of our growing team is based in Asia. We work with the world’s largest natural resources company, the world’s two largest consumer goods companies and one of the world’s largest retailers.

    Wherever we operate in the world, the Linfox team shares a common vision to deliver service excellence and adaptable supply chain solutions across the Asia Pacific region.

  • Car Advice
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    Car Advice is where Australians turn to for the most comprehensive, independent editorial reviews of new cars. Its team of motoring journalists continually review all new models to ensure Australians can choose the best vehicle for their specific needs – whether it is family-friendly SUVs, work utes, eco-friendly runarounds or luxury cars.

    With a unique monthly website audience of more than 650,000 and over a million followers on social media, CarAdvice is Australia’s pre-eminent, content only, automotive publisher.
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  • Transurban
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    We manage and develop urban toll road networks in Australia and North America.

    We are a Top 20 company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and have been in business since 1996.

    At the heart of our business strategy is the desire to be a partner of choice for our government clients and an organisation that meets the needs of our customers. To do this, we aim to provide effective transportation solutions to support the growth and wellbeing of our cities.

    We do this through the ongoing management of our existing road networks, our active involvement in the transport policy debate, and by applying our unique skills to the infrastructure challenges in our markets.

    We have 13 roads in our Australian portfolio. In North America, we have two roads in the state of Virginia, both in the Washington DC area.

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  • Toyota

    Toyota Australia is a wholly - owned subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation. Established in 1937, Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world's largest vehicle manufacturer. Toyota conducts its business worldwide with 50 overseas manufacturing companies in 26 countries and regions. Toyota's vehicles are sold in more than 170 countries and regions under the Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino brands. Toyota leads the automobile industry in environmental technologies with the success of the hybrid technology in the Prius and Camry Hybrid and now continuing with the introduction of the Mirai fuel cell vehicle in Japan, Europe and the US

  • Monash University
    Monash University

    The Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) is a world leader in injury prevention research and training. Our research has led directly to real-world solutions for making Australians safer: on the roads, in the workplace, and in homes and communities. MUARC's long standing partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a Collaborating Centre, supports initiatives towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals relating to violence and injury prevention in the Western Pacific Region. We are committed to the excellence of our research and training, the independence of our recommendations and the engagement we have with the communities we serve, locally and globally.

  • Liftango
    Innovation Zone Partner

    A product of the NRMA Jumpstart Accelerator that supports promising start-ups, Liftango was established in late 2015 as Shared Mobility technology start-up. We provide our customers with a mobile app technology solution which solves their congestion and parking issues faced by many organisations across the APAC region. Our solution deploys advanced geospatial technology to enable a trusted network of users to share their daily commute.

    The Liftango founders and broader team have significant experience in mobile app development, business administration, sales, finance and the application of geographical data systems.

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  • Asia Pacific Logistics Federation
    Supporting partner
    Asia Pacific Logistics Federation

    The APLF was established in November of 1995 by logistics organisations from countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The APLF participating countries are Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Myanmar.
    The APLF actively fosters and promotes professional development of purchasing, materials and logistics / supply chain management, and its key objectives are:

    • To be the recognised voice for supply chain and logistics in the Asia Pacific Region.
    • To promote and encourage greater recognition of the APLF by influencing the APAC region concerning the importance of supply chains and logistics.
    • To promote and communicate the importance of the logistics services industry's contribution to Asia Pacific Regions economy.
    • To upgrade educational standards of the profession by providing training and certification to meet the increasing demand for qualified and competent workforce in the Asia Pacific Region.
  • Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative
    Supporting partner
    Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative

    Self-driving vehicles will make driving easier, allow people to be more productive and offer greater mobility to a wider range of people than ever before. They will also help improve road safety, reduce emissions, and ease congestion. As a result, self-driving vehicles will provide significant economic, environmental and social benefits, including improving social inclusion.

    The key thrust of ARRB’s Driverless Vehicle Initiative is to build momentum by rapidly exploring the impacts and requirements of this new technology in a truly Australian context and making recommendations on ways to safely and successfully bring self-driving vehicles to Australian roads.

    To do this ARRB will raise public awareness through live demonstrations involving government, industry, research entities and the media. The intention is to provide an avenue to showcase the involvement and contributions of collaborating partners involved in this important initiative.

  • ARRB Group Ltd
    Supporting partner
    ARRB Group Ltd

    ARRB Group Ltd (ARRB) provides research, consulting and information services to the road and transport industry. ARRB applies research outputs to develop equipment that collects road and traffic information, and software that assists with decision-making across road networks. ARRB is the leading provider of road research and best practice workshops in Australia.

    ARRB's member organisations include federal, state and local government bodies responsible for managing the nation's transport and road networks and the New Zealand Transport Agency. ARRB and its members, both individually and collectively as Austroads, recognise the critical role that they play in supporting one another to improve productivity, safety, sustainability and amenity outcomes for the community.

  • Electric Vehicle Council
    Supporting partner
    Electric Vehicle Council

    The Electric Vehicle Council is comprised of representatives from academic, industry and corporate sectors, who act as advocates for the adoption of electric vehicles. The aim of the Council is to promote EVs as a viable transportation alternative to conventionally fuelled vehicles.

    The EVC provides a focal point for electric vehicles. Its main aims are to:

    • Generate political and business support for electric vehicles with a coordinated approach through the council’s academic and corporate representatives and government stakeholders;
    • Establish networks and relationships with industry stakeholders, and provide a point of contact for electric vehicle manufacturers and suppliers;
    • Monitor developments in the global electric vehicle industry, inform stakeholders of projects relating to new and emerging technologies, and build on international experience and expertise within Australia;
    • Support local individuals/academia who are seeking to progress electric vehicle technologies and research;
    • Solicit support from interested parties such as community groups and government to support the establishment of the electric vehicle market; and
    • Assist in lobbying for funding and other non-financial support to increase the customer value proposition for electric vehicle ownership.
  • Freight & Trade Alliance
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    Freight & Trade Alliance

    A complex supply chain exists with increasing border security requirements, evolving global trade agreements, variations in international shipping practices and numerous domestic landside logistics issues requiring ongoing reform. These issues are intertwined requiring the need for a considered approach in representation to government and various sectors of commerce. In this contemporary environment it is essential that advocacy is representative of a cross-section of Australia’s international trade sector.

    FTA provides this important advocacy role by maintaining a collaborative relationship with key people across government and commerce. As your business partner, we also provide advice, contacts, training, events and relevant operational information. We look forward to you joining the alliance.

  • IAME
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  • Electrical Comms Data
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    Electrical Comms Data
  • The Connected Car
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    The Connected Car

    The Connected Car is an award winning digital community concentrated on the rapidly expanding connected car and autonomous vehicle industry. The Connected Car offers an authoritative, in-depth look at how connected cars and autonomous vehicles are changing the way the automotive industry does business now and moving forward. Join The Connected Car today and tap into our incredible network, it’s free!

  • Infrastructure Magazine
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    Infrastructure Magazine

    Infrastructure is Australia’s largest and best magazine dedicated to the entire infrastructure industry. It is produced by Monkey Media and is both a full-colour printed magazine, produced quarterly, and an online portal. An industry thought leader - Australia's largest and best.

    Infrastructure is Australia's most powerful new communication tool for the infrastructure industry. Uniting the whole infrastructure supply chain, Infrastructure brings together the asset owners, statutory bodies, consulting engineers and first-tier contractors. Infrastructure gives your business a chance to be visible.

  • Technology Decisions
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    Technology Decisions